Kodi, who combines the aesthetics of nature with the human body, defines himself as a nature lover or a gardener apart from a tattoo artist.

During her childhood in Izmir, she started to grow roses and plants in her gardens and her love for nature has continued to grow stronger since then

Watching the flowers she grew grow, flourish and reach their potential made her very happy. Seeing some of the plants he still grows and being able to leave his mark on the world gives him peace of mind.

Kodi was then introduced to painting, wanting to make the most beautiful form of plants and flowers more permanent, and later to tattooing because the aesthetics of nature were in perfect harmony with the human body form.

Kodi gets away from the cities and meets nature in every space he finds. This takes him back to where he started and keeps him inspired and going.

Now, everything he loves is together; he travels around the world, blossoms bodies and enjoys the peace of the garden he creates, without leaving nature.

Kodi started to create gardens not in the soil but on the human body.

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